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America, Fuck Yeah!!

September 13 - 15


That's right motherfuckers, we're bringing you back to the greatest country on earth, the good ol' UNITED STATES!!! But don't worry, we plan to wean you off that Mexico goodness slowly by providing the finest of imported beers and authentic tacos. The best GMs of 2019 bring us to a private campground, on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, that we will have all to ourselves. So don't worry, your public displays of...Patriotism can be as loud and proud as you want ;)

No campout would be complete without PARTY BUSES!! That's right, the debaucherous delivery vans will take you from America and bring you to America! They will depart old town trolley at 4:45 to bring you up north.

For those that do not like fun, there will be plenty of parking. There is no street parking! You will have an entire lot attached to our campground to display your shame.

Plan to go back to old school camping so be prepared to pitch a tent and get downright dirty (puns intended). Bathrooms will be provided, but they will be porta-johns. Bring baby wipes for that tactical shower.

Denim, cowboy attire, and American flag anything is highly encouraged!! (Post-4th of July sale anyone??) Americaaa, Fuck Yea!!!

- There will be MUSIC
- There will be GAMES
- There will be HASHING
- There will be A TENT TO TENT

Friday: Halloween themed run followed by a Tent crawl and drink competition, ending with a Midnight naked run.

Saturday: start the day with drinks and kilted Yoga, followed by the most America themed trail, Erections and more partying!

Sunday: End your stay with a Hangover Run and buses departing at 2:30pm

Bring your "A" game to the Tent to Tent. Come up with a concoction that will surely please and attempt to win!

It all promises to feature amazing views of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. So forget the passports, but don't forget your livers because we're bringing you the best campout you may or may not remember. USA! USA! USA!

Payment is accepted via Cash App ($CLH3Cash) and Paypal (clh3.cash@gmail.com) and prices are as follows:

May - July 1 $79
July 2 - Aug 1 $99
Aug 2 - Sept 11 $109

Party Bus  $40 

When you send payment please add HashName + Campout (+bus)
so we know who the hell you are!

Regos are capped at 120 individuals so get your spot ASAP lest you miss out on the most American thing since America!!