San Diego Red Dress Run
30 Year Anniversary of the Original San Diego Red Dress Run!

On 7 August, 1978 San Diego Hash House Harriers hosted the first Red Dress Run in honor of the Lady in Red who had run her first run with the Hash House Harriers the previous year, wearing the Red Dress she had worn that day on the plane when coming to visit a friend in SoCal.

 Thirty years later, hashers around the world are running in red dresses. (Didn't see that cumming!) 

For the 2018 San Diego Red Dress Run, the Hash House Harriers hosted guests from around the globe with a unique trail through downtown San Diego stopping in at a few of San Diego's world famous breweries, and also in and around popular tourist destinations.   The run ended at SDCCU Stadium (former home to the Chargers football team) where the San Diego State University Aztec/Sacramento football game was in progress, ending there with food, drink and dancing to the sounds of the Hash Band, ending with another San Diego tradition the annual KGB 101 Sky Show, a firewoarks extravaganza set to music.
The San Diego Hash House Harriers thank everyone for coming to our fine city, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time here and we would also like to thank everyone who participated in our charity raffle which proceeds were donated to the San Diego River Park Foundation, an organization that protects and enhances the San Diego River and creates running trails which we enjoy year-round. 

Planning for the 2019 San Diego Red Dress run has already started and we hope to share more information in regard to that early next year. Until then, please enjoy these photos from past events...
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Red Dress Run 2018

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Red Dress Run 2017

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Red Dress Run 2016

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Red Dress Run 2015

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