San Diego Area Run Start
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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, November 15, 2010 6:30pm
No pavement run.
Hare(s): Snoop Pussy Pussy
Location: Rancho Bernardo
Directions: 15 to Rancho Bernardo Rd west, turn right at West Bernardo Rd, continue to Duenda turn left, stay on Duenda untill you pass Smoke Signal park at park entrance.
Thomas Bros: 1149 H7
Run Fee: $3
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Reach couldn't find a hare so he called in his pinch hitter Snoop. He gave me some parameters to follow. Make the trail short like his penis. Beer check with none of that domestic shit. Make the trail tough enough that Huey bitches. And lastly, a run start and ending that Reach can walk to. You will need a flashlight!!!!

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