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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Saturday, November 20, 2010 12:00pm
Hare(s): Don Juan a Beaner, Drug 'em & Plug 'em and Anal Rose
Location: Rio Bonito Way between Friars Rd and Rio San Diego
Directions: Friars East from the 163, turn right onto Rio Bonito Way. Park where you can find legal parking.
Run Fee: $6 plus donations
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Itís National Survivors of Suicide day and almost a year ago that we lost a great RA and a true friend. We remember Shigmata for the great times he helped us have. But this hash isnít for him. Itís for us. This isnít going to be a sob-fest, it will be a celebration of survival over our great loss. Come out and help your fellow hasher remember how great life really is. Then get drunk and silly like we know we do.
Bringing Half-Assed back to where it should always be, weíre short on trail and effort, but not on shiggy! This trail is 95% treacherous, grubby shiggy the way G intended hashing to be, yet stays under 3 miles! Important notes about this trail: This trail is A to B. Hashers who forget to BRING A FLASH LIGHT and dry, warm clothes may not get to celebrate surviving at all!
All profit from this hash and any donations will go directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention under The San DIego Area Hash House Harriers.

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