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InterGalactic Hash    Saturday, July 20, 2013 1:15pm
Celebration of Life - Snoop P2
Hare(s): Spitz, Reach Around, Heaven's Gate, High Twattage, Lockbox, Nunfucker, G-Minor and others
Location: Rancho Bernardo - the park at the corner of Ralphs Ranch Rd. and Hunters Ridge Rd. Down-downs and After-Party at separate location (see below).
Directions: Runstart: I-15 to Rancho Bernardo Rd. exit; go west on Rancho Bernardo Rd. for ~1.5 miles; turn right on Alva Rd.; after about 1 mile turn left on Ralphs Ranch Rd. 1 block to the park.
Run Fee: Run is FREE. and open to anyone who wants to attend. Only those who pre-registered can attend the after-party. List of registrants:
Trail type: (not specified)
Dog friendly: (not specified)
Come help celebrate the life of a kick-ass person (an amazing husband and my best friend of only 25 years) who ran this earth for only 52 short years.

Snoop Trail Warning:

The hares have done their best to provide you with a "Snoop Trail Experience" (TM). If you don't know what a Snoop Trail Experience is, ask your fellow hashers and take special note of the information below:

* It will likely be very hot on trail. The single most important precaution you need to take is to BRING WATER WITH YOU. You may be out there for 2 hours or more. Don't be stupid. You may need your hands to navigate some of the terrain, so we highly recommend CamelBak-type hydration packs.
* Turkey and Eagle trails.
* The Eagle is not necessarily a ball-buster in terms of mileage but considering the heat and rough terrain, you will be significantly challenged. Even the Turkey will be challenging so be prepared.
* Yes, it will be worth your effort. There will be Snoop-worthy libations on trail and at the end for your enjoyment pleasure.
* Don't be late. Hares leave promptly at 1:15pm! We will have additional important information to share with you so please be on time.
* After-party is for those who pre-registered only. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Location: Casa de Nunfucker and Lockbox, 3654 32nd Street in North Park. DOWN-DOWNS WILL START PROMPTLY @ 6:00 P.M. Don't be late or you will miss out on the fun!
* We expect you to practice good hygiene and take a shower after your run. No smelly hashers! This will be party with dancing, so dress accordingly -- although ladies, we will be in the yard so high heels are not recommended. Event will be outside, so bring a sweater in case the evening is cool.

And finally: don't be scared by all of the trail warnings. We just want you to be appropriately prepared. The Snoop Trail Experience is awesome and will leave you with a warm feeling of accomplishment. Or maybe that warm feeling is from pissing your running shorts. Either way...

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