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North County
North County Hash  Every Saturday morning.   Saturday, April 4, 2015 10:00am
TB's Getting Outta the Marines Hash
Hare(s): Turd Bird and Guests.
Location: Hilltop Community Park. 9711 Oviedo Way
San Diego, CA 92129
Run Fee: 6.00
Trail type: Other (explain in Notes)
Dog friendly: Yes
Please c'mon out for the last hash that TB will ever hare as an active duty hard core bone braking snake biting Marine... Hoorah! If you can't say Hoorah the correct way we will make you run the Eagle trail twice! Okay, well just drop down and give us twenty!

There will be no less than (1) water/beer check on trail and no more than (20) water/beer checks on trail. Stroller friendly if you can climb a mountain with your padawan and a keg on your back (which means not really stroller friendly at all). And in normal NCH3 fashion, we kept the highest and hottest trails for the worst time of the year. Eagle trail about 7 miles, Turkey trail about 4.5 miles. Chicken trail? Ask me...

BRING WATER with you, and be aware there are lots of animals on trail, including coyotes, lizards and bees (so if you are allergic or have small ones be cautious). Also recommend Trail Shoes as there are many small/large jagged rocks.

Great food by Dogfish, some traveling hashers, some virgins, and a bouncy house for the kids.. did I say kids? I mean the overgrown adults... Well watch out for my son, as he is 44" tall, he might bounce into you in the wrong area...

After trail and circle, we have the gazebo/park until 4 pm, so feel free to hang out.

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