San Diego Red Dress Run
The 2016 San Diego Red Dress Run

The 2016 Red Dress Run Mismanagement team would like to thank you all who attended this years San Diego Red Dress Run, We hope you enjoyed the weekend.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the next Red Dress Run,
please email sdrdr@sdh3.com
The following people volunteered a lot of time and energy to make this happen:
Fluff Boy & Micro Screwry – Organizers
Deep Chocolate – Lip Purse manufactory
Throws Up Stays Up – Lawn Games
3.99 – Check In
Goes Down Easy Going – Check In
Circle Jerk – Check In
Furry Tits – Check In
Sheep Sex – Charity Raffle
Stiff Joint – Green Flash at Run Start
Chicken Cox - Green Flash at Run Start
Asian Orange - Green Flash at Run Start
Circle Jerk – Jello check (The Hare)
Oh Shit! What’s That? – Jello Check Hare
Nibbles & Pricks – Beer Check #1
Village Tool – Beer Check #1
Deep Space 69 – Hustler giveaway
Buns of Steel – Hustler organizer
Penis Machinist – Beer Check #2
Ginger Snatch - Beer Check #2
Dog Fish – Padres Tail Gate Park
Whore Next Door – Padres Tail Gate Park
HoHoHo - Padres Tail Gate Park
Fist & Shout – Discounted Ballast Point Beer supplier for Tail Gate Park
Tinker Belch – Trail Hare Start to Finish
Shocka by Proxy - Trail Hare Start to Finish
Speed Ophile – Trail Sweep
Over Exposure - Photographer
Se Xym Olecules – Crash Space Organizer
Nut & Honey – Organal Art work for Patch and Tee Shirt


At the start of the run we presented the San Diego River Park Foundation with a check from monies raised at last years runs.

This year with your generous contirbutions between the Pink and Red Dress Run brought in over $400 dollars towards our next contirbution to the San Diego River Park Foundation.

The San Diego River Park is an organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the river’s valuable natural, recreational and cultural resources. We believe in supporting this local charity which builds and maintains many of the trails we run on.