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Hash Cookbook - Ideas for Feeding the Hash

Many of the kennels in San Diego, assume that a "meal" will be provided at the conclusion of the trail. Other kennels end at a bar or dining establishment. This page exists to publicize hash recipes (usually how to cook for a lot of people) as well as recipes for special dishes, that people may want to cook themselves.

Prepared Food

This section discusses ideas for purchasing prepared foods. Purchasing of prepared foods does not give you the most bang for your haring budget, but when you can't find a food hare, and don't have time to cook.. it may be your best alternative. Prepared menu items served to the hash include:

Mexican, Chinese, or Indian Foods
If you are ordering Mexican, Chinese, or Indian get a lot of rice. It's cheap and filling. If possible, serve your food. Hashers tend to have eyes that are too big for their stomachs.
Reasonable places to purchase:
  • Pic Up Stix Del Mar -27 1 0 Via Del La Valle (858) 259-7849
  • Pic Up Stix Hillcrest- 1040 University Ave. (619) 295-'7849
Pizza is very commonly ordered for hash events. Look out for specials. The most common vendors for pizza include:
  • Costco - Check you local Costco.. They are still charging only $10 per pizza. NOTE** you may need to be a Costco "member" to order pizza from them.
  • Little Caesars - they have many locations and one can check out their coupons online
American (Pot Pies)
This is a favorite of people running in the Hillcrest area. Chicken Pot Pies can be purchased in bulk from the Chicken Pot Pie Shop located at 2613 El Cajon Blvd. (619) 295-0156. Great Chicken Pot Pies for about $2.50. They also sell potatoes with gravy, and coleslaw--very reasonable
It is usually cheaper to buy the sandwich ingredients and have the hashers assemble there own sandwiches. Expect that the average hasher will eat 1.5 sandwiches i.e. 3 pieces of bread, 3 pieces of meat, 2 pieces of cheese. If you really want to purchase prepared sandwiches it is probably best to check out Costco, or your local supermarket - if they are running a sandwich special.


Some of the kennels simply serve snacks as opposed to a "meal". Others offer snacks prior to the meal. If you are going to serve snacks consider getting snacks that don't require refrigeration, and that can be passed down to the next hares. The best prices on snacks can usually be gotten at Costco, Costco Business Centers, and at Smart and Finals. In some cases, the GTM stores (which are liquidators) in Santee, Lemon Grove or Chula Vista carries snack foods in bulk.


Many hares like giving a personal touch to their run, by cooking a memorable meal. Cooking food for one's run is far less expensive and allows you to allocate more of your budget towards things like drink checks. When preparing food for a hash, remember to check your kennel's supplies of serving gear (plates, spoons, forks, etc).

Provided below is some guidance for cooking for a large group of people the hash

  • Make sure you have the hardware to prepare the meal you are thinking of preparing. You should contact the hare-raiser in your kennel to see if the kennel has access to a stove, or other cooking gear
  • Some kennels have members who love to cook - Contact the hareraiser and see if they can suggest a "food hare" to help you with your trail
  • Make sure you have plastic bags or there are trash cans/recycling at your ending

Provided below are links to recipes submitted by hares over the years - for Hash Meals, appetizers,deserts, etc.

Shopping List for Breakfast (For 120) incl Scrambled Eggs
This submission" actually is a shopping list when one is running a morning trail. It includes quantities of Bagels, bananas, champagne, Juices, Danish, yogurt and potatoes. The shopping list is for 120 people, so remember to cut it down if you expect less people at your run.
Chili (for 80) - 8 oz servings - 20 Quarts of Chili
This submission includes info on where to buy the ingredients and how to cook Chili for approximately 80 hashers.
Chorizo Breakfast (for 60)
This submission is a shopping list for the ingredients you will need to make Chorizo for 60 people and includes purchase of Champagne, OJ, Bananaas, and Bagels. It does not actually discuss how to prepare the Chorizo.
Corned Beef & Cabbage (for 25)
This submission includes ingredient list, and basic cooking instructions. This recipe takes a lot of time to cook..
Oriental Noodle Salad (for 12)
This recipe was submitted by Flipper Over. It includes an ingredients list and cooking (assembling) instructions. This recipe requires you cook ramen noodles..
Mixed Salad (for 100)
This submission provides a shopping list for the sald and for making fresh salad dressing. This recipe does not require "cooking", but does require food prep. Note when looking at the recipe, the shopping list is for 100 people, but the dressing shopping list is for 25 people.
Jello Shooters (200 shooters)
Ingredients and instructions on preparing 200 Jello Shooters
Red Potatoes (For 100)
Ingredients and Cooking instructions for preparing Quartered Red Potatoes.
Spaghetti Dinner (for 20)
Shopping List with Quantities. No cooking really involved outside of warming the sause, and cooking the Spaghetti.
Spicy Chicken Pasta
This recipe didn't include how many people it serves. Based upon the amount of chicken and pasta listed, it looks like it serves between 4-10 people.
Tacos (for 100)
This submission appears to be a shopping list of ingredients for serving Tacos at the hash. It does NOT have cooking instructions. It assumes you know how to prepare Pollo Asada and Carne Asada it calls for..
Aunt Lorraine's Lemon Bars
This recipe was submitted by Defloured after he prepared it for a potluck and many requested the recipe.

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