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What is a Larrikin?
Webster's Dictionary describes us as mischievous or frolicsome youths, rowdy street loafers and noisy ill-bred fellows. However, we are just "A drinking club with a running problem."

What do we do? We meet up every Monday at 6:15pm to await the "Hares" that have volunteered to lay the trail for the day. The Hares are fellow hashers that will take off at 6:30pm and lay a trail of flour and chalk that the rest of us (called the "Pack") will try to follow. The Pack starts walking 12 minutes after the Hares leave and walks for approx. 3 minutes before we start r*nning. The Hares use checkpoints, BT's, and YBF's (called "hash marks") and sometimes well hidden spots of flour to throw off the pack, making the trail interesting and to give them a chance to reach the "On-In" before getting "snared" or caught on trail. This is called "Hashing."

Where do we hash? It depends on the Hares. The runstarts are all over San Diego. From Ocean Beach to La Mesa (sometimes even farther east like Crest). From Downtown to Mira Mesa or even Rancho Penasquitos or Scripps Ranch.

How long are the trails? Also depends on the Hares. They range from 4 - 7 miles. There is usually a "Turkey" and an "Eagle" trail - the turkey being shorter or less difficult. The goal is to make it fun, so the Hares usually find very interesting trails through canyons, up hills, across streams, through tunnels, etc. Anything off-road is called "shiggy." There is always a chance you'll get wet, so always bring extra clothes and shoes. There is usually a "beer check" or water somewhere on trail - about halfway.

Where do the trails end? At a bar - unless it's a holiday or special event. The Hares determine the "On-In".

What happens at the On-In? We grab a beer, maybe some grub and have a roast that we call "Down-Downs." This is where we toast newcomers - called "virgins", welcome backs, visitors, birthdays, and many other misc. events. And we roast hashers for things heard on trail or stupid and funny things they've done recently. We provide a small beer to anyone that receives a toast/roast and before they drink, we sing them a "Down-Down" song. It's usually funnier than hell, and if you like a good laugh, this is worth the 5 - 7 miles of shiggy you had to hash through to get there!

Why hash with us? We are a hash that "goes with the flow". Everyone is welcome! We have a great mix of Harriettes (ladies) and Hashers (men), of all ages, some fast, some slow, some that walk, some with dogs, and some that just come to the On-In to enjoy the Down-Downs!

What does it cost? Just $3 - Which is used to buy the Down-Down beer. But bring extra money for your own beer and grub.

When does it end? At the end of toast/roast, the GM's will say "May the Hash Go in Peace" and the Pack responds, "May the Hash Get a Piece!" At this point there may be an On-On-On announced or if the On-In has pool tables or Karoake it becomes the On-On-On.

Points of Lager

  • Hashing is a fun filled activity for responsible adults.
    • At no time may any underage individual (cute babies excluded) be allowed to drink at a hash event or enter a bar with us. We know your cousin is almost 21 and drinks anyways, we don’t care. This is to protect us all from liability involved.
    • Some pets are hash friendly, others are not. We cater to their needs where possible, but the priority is for the people, not the animals. Be respectful of rules at endings for pets. If your dog likes to bark and annoy people, don’t bring it. If your dog has a history of any type of aggressive behavior towards humans or other pets, it is NEVER welcome at a hash.
  • Notes on Haring:
    • Make sure the bar really understands what we’re doing. Being kicked out mid circle isn’t fun. Ask around for hash friendly endings.
    • Special events are fun! We encourage them. We cannot, however, bankroll the entire thing. Hares get $35 for beer and flour. Any more than that requires additional run fee money and pre-approval from a GM. Hares will get the difference from higher fee’s. IE: $5 run fee for a 45 person run means $35 + ($45 * 2) = $125. Understanding this will cause less confusion and save you money!
    • PO sucks! If you don’t know what it looks like, ask someone to help you. Do your best to mark it. For everyone else, don’t trust the hares, learn what it is and how to protect yourself.
    • Be mindful of private property. Asking owners if we can run on their property implies liability on their part. Sometimes it’s easier to apologize after than get approval before, but we aren’t a critical mass group. We want citizens and police to trust us and want us back.
  • Every hasher and virgin at the event must pay hash cash (this excludes up to 4 active hares). If you didn’t do trail and aren’t getting any down downs, you must still pay hash cash. Aside from beer and flour, the hash is responsible for a $600 hash wide administration payment each year. It also offsets the cost of our camp out each year so that registration can stay low. $3 is less than the gas you spent to get to the event. People that continually dodge this will not be welcome at the hash.
  • We love to see pictures of ourselves hashing. What we need to be cautious of is spreading photos of each other in public places that may not be appropriate. Pictures of people nude or in interesting positions should never be posted on facebook. If it looks questionable, put it on beercheck. Not everyone shares their hashing activity with the world and this should be respected. Do not “tag” people without their approval. Understand, however, that you’re in a public place with us and you will have your picture taken.
  • Be safe with drinking and driving. We all know a harrier or two that has been busted driving drunk. At no time is anyone forced to drink and if you’re worried about your condition, ask for a ride. People are going every direction and are generally helpful. This does not mean you can rely on getting trashed and know you’ll get a ride. Bring cab money.
  • Lastly, try to respect the activities of the circle. We encourage participation, but when it becomes too disruptive, it becomes difficult for everyone to enjoy it. There is no requirement to be a part of circle, but do not disrupt it for those that would like to enjoy it.

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