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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, June 26, 2015 6:30pm
Pleasantville Hash
Hare(s): Rushhour Rubdown, All Abscess Pass, Shitty Reception
Location: Allied Gardens Swimming Pool, 6707 Glenroy St, San Diego, CA 92120
Directions: Take the 8 East just past the 15 to the Waring rd exit. Take waring up the hill, until you come to a small shopping complex. Turn left at Zion and right onto Glenroy St. Meet at Corner of Glenroy St and Glenroy Avenue (Allied Gardens Community Park). Park on the street or in the lot at the north end of the park.
Google Maps:
Run Fee: $9
Trail type: A to A, drive to B
On after: Pal Joey's
Dog friendly: Yes
Allied Gardens, or Pleasantville, as I like to call it, was developed circa 1955 at the eastern end of Mission Valley. Its a swell community, charming and quiet, and still filled with many of the neighborhood's original owners. Cum bring a little liveliness back into these geriatrics' old hearts (hopefully we won't stop any of them!) as we hash our way through the hills and valleys with our cries of "on on" and "boob check!" Don't be surprised if you hear a hearty response from the locals of "HEY! What are you pinko commies doing here?!" Attire should be 1950s sporting themed, in order to blend in with the native fashion sense. On-In is at Abscess's house with American BBQ by Dogfish! On after at local joint, Pal Joeys!

Other note: I'm calling it A to A drive to B but it could be A to A' too. On-In is an easy 1/2 mile walk away from the start, and on-after is in-between!

Dogs are ok on trail and at on-in, but not at on-after.

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