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La Jolla
La Jolla Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, September 26, 2016 6:00pm
Hare(s): Rich, Roegner, and Kennedy
Address: Torrey Highlands Park
Map Link:
Run Fee: 8
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
bring chairs & lanterns as no overhead lighting
There will be:
1) an Autumnal run (w/T&E trails),
2) Beer (IPA plus a second-choice) & wine, and
3) Food (salad, more pizza & Ruth's Buckeyes for desert).
That's a good deal more than Hash actually deserves, but the Hares feel its incumbent upon their nurturing skills and compassionate souls to continue offering the tragically jaded, often needy and continually expectant Pack multiple options and choices. Late arrivals might consider drop-offs (at turn-around) then parking (out on Lansdale) should all spaces be taken! Just sayin! Oh, and regarding illumination upon trail, please be mindful that the run will be held on the fourth day past Autumnal Equinox meaning Sunrise will be at 6:40 AM and Sunset at 6:40 PM, thus providing a maximum of 11:59:17 of daylight. Astronomical twilight predominantly will end at 8:01 PM, while Nautical Twilight ends at 7:32 PM and Civil Twilight (the important one) is caput/finished/gone/ceases by 7:04 PM. As the trails will be predominantly off-road, the Hares would suggest taking along a functioning personal illumination device with you. Meyer, Hoot and other characteristically late start hashers; please note - there will be no Sweep!

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