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Intergalactic Hash    Saturday, January 27, 2018 6:30pm
Slab City Talent Show Campout 2018
Hare(s): Dr.Dive and various other SoCal hashers
Address: East Jesus. East Jesus Rd, Niland, CA 92257
Directions: Drive to East Jesus. When you get to the fork in the road stay to the right where you see the gate and stop sign. Tell the staff you're with our group and they will let you in. We are down the end by the 30ft tall steel man. It's considered a rite of passage to get your car stuck in the sand when you arrive.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $40 This fee covers $10 per person donation to East Jesus, $5 per person donation to The Range, $250 for porta-potties, $350 for firewood, plus various "surprises" and other things to keep you entertained.
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Welcome to Slab City, the last free place on Earth!
This year we'll once again be camping at East Jesus, an art residency and museum located in Slab City.
There will be the annual Slab City Talent Show at The Range on Saturday starting at noon and we'll be visiting at various times during the day and night. You're welcome to participate in the show by signing up at The Range.
There will be hash trails around Slab City during the day to familiarize you with the area.
There will be road trips to enjoy the beauty of the Salton Sea area, where paradise meets the apocalypse.
There is a clothing optional shooting range near our camp, so bring your guns and take off your clothes! Shooters must be sober and guns must be unloaded while in camp.
There will be rocket launches, sky lanterns, redneck soccer. We might even have a car-becue.
There will be a big campfire and campfire shenanigans. Bring your fire toys, musical instruments, and anything else you want.
Remember "Safety Third". Try not to kill your friends. Any damage you cause to yourself or another person or property is your own responsibility.
Here are some maps to familiarize you with the area.

Things to bring:
* Camping gear and everything you need to survive in a primitive camping situation. Slab City has no utilities such as electricity or water. The nearest shops are in the town of NIland, three miles away, and they close at 6pm. Porta potties will be provided as part of your event fee. There is plenty of space for RVs and trailers at our campsite.
* Your talent
* Guns & ammo
* Rockets, drones, sky lanterns, etc.
* Musical instruments
* Hoops, poi, firestaff, fire toys, etc.
* DONATIONS of unwanted PAINT, CARPET, ART, ART MATERIALS, or FURNITURE. East Jesus can use them. Salvation Mountain is always looking for colorful paints as well.

Early arrivals at East Jesus. We will be camping by the giant steel "Uberman of Gigsville" and clothing optional shooting range out the back. Firewood and porta-potties arrive.
Morning rocket launches. Late arrivals.
Hash trail to Salvation Muontain and other points of interest in Slab City
Talent show starts at noon at The Range
4:00pm drive to Salton Sea to see ruins, mud volcanoes, and sunset on the Salton Sea.
Return to Slab City for dinner
Talent Show
Campfire Shenanigans at camp with fire toys, live music perhaps, and other sillyness
Morning rocket launches
Hangover hash trail
Return to camp and pack up
In the afternoon you are free to explore. Use the maps. There will be different groups going to different areas that you can join.
Finally, there will be an optional stop at Alpine Beer Company on the way back to San Diego.

And now.... Time for Pie

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