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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Saturday, April 7, 2018 1:00pm
BAR-2-BAND! It's Humpin's 24th annual CarlsBAD BAR-2-BAR
Hare(s): Current and Former Humpin' GMs
Address: Jello Shooter Park
Corner of Laguna & State
Carlsbad, Center Of The Universe, 92OO8
Directions: Get off 5 at Carlsbad Village Dr.
Check into Motel 6.
Throw TV through window.
Almost drown in bathtub.
Dry off. But don't dry out.
Put on yer outfit.
Step outside, walk this way, you and me babe, hey hey.
Take Grand or CVD to State and make a right.
Look for the World Famous Jello Shooter Park at corner of State and Laguna.
Map Link:
Run Fee: $30 prepay. $35 day-of.
Pre-lube: Your room at the 6.
Trail type: A to A prime
On after: Your mom's room at the 6. Or the Cantina. Or the Alley. Or the catch n release cell in Vista (ask Kid's Meal)
Dog friendly: Other (specified in Notes)
You f'n Humpin' ROCK STARS will DOMINATE the bars, parks, streets, beaches, synagogues, mosques, nondemoninational houses of worship, bars, continuation schools, retirement villas, liquor stores, playground equipment, STADIUMS, and bars in the quaint seaside village of Carlsbad.

This year we are BAR-2-BAND! Be as Metal AF. Be a disco bunny. Punk, reggae, pop, even country (I guess) if you want. Stake out your room at the Motel 6, and pop that spare liver in the freezer.

Advance tickets to this show: $30 on or before April 1, no fooling. Pay either Hash Cash at Humpin' or PayPal to, and if you do your PayPal as a person-to-person transfer, TicketMaster won't charge their f'n handling fee.

After April 1 and at the door it's $35.

And at this time -- we have only 40, count'em, 40 badass BLACK Metal AF Bar-2-Band T-shirts. First 40 people to send $15 to Hash Cash gets one. Send preferred size. If any are left over, $20 day-of.

Oh man. This gonna be loud.

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