San Diego Hash House Harriers
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Every Friday at 6:30pm and
every other Sunday at 10am

California Larrikins Hash House Harriers
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Every Monday at 6:30pm

Iron Rule
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Every other Friday at 6:30pm

Humpin Hash
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Every Sunday at 2pm,
Humpin time

North County
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Every Saturday
at 10am sharp

Full Moon Hash
The Original
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Once, sometimes twice,
a month

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Hare of the Dog Bike Hash
Hare of the Dog
Bike Hash
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La Jolla H3
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Every Monday at 6pm

Diaper Rash Hash
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Vollyball Hash
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Half-Assed Hash
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Once a month,
on Saturdays

Green Flash Hash
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Fourth Tuesday of the
month at 6:15pm

Pub Hash
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Second Tuesday of the
month at 6:30pm

Mission Harriettes
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Wednesday, intermittently

Pickup Hash
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First Thursday of the
month at 6:30pm

Tijuana Hash House Harriers
Tijuana Hash
House Harriers
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Once a month, on Saturdays
Hashing in San Diego
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Hashes Today

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, February 19, 2017 2:00pm
Revenge of the Brown Eye
Hare(s): Brown Eye, No Means Gnome
Address: Canyonside Park
Canyonside Park Drive San Diego, CA 92129
Directions: Take the first right and go all the way back.
Map Link:
Run Fee: 7
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Hare's off by 2:45. Brown Eye has a flight.

I'm in town for the weekend, so Brown Eye and No Means Gnome will lay a shigarriffic trail for you. Expect 2 drink checks and lots of complaining. Trail should be about 5 miles. Walkers can stay in the parking lot and walk around in circles until the pack comes back. I imagine there's enough single women to make sandwiches for the on in.

Hashes Tomorrow

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La Jolla
La Jolla Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, February 20, 2017 6:00pm
Hare(s): Psycho & Jockstrap
Address: 2283 Fuerte St, O'side, CA 92054
Directions: Off the 78 take Jefferson St, north to Vista Way, Left to Avocado, Right on Avocado to Fuerte, Right on Fuerte (only way to go), 3rd house on the right. If you get to Fire Mtn (4 way stop at the top of the hill), you missed your turn!
Run Fee: $8.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Welcome any time after 5:00, fire pits, hot tub will be on. If traffic is bad, may delay start until 6:15.

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, February 20, 2017 6:30pm
Waking Up In Vegas
Hare(s): Don't Ask, Don't Yell & Four On The Floor
Address: Effin's Pub & Grill
6164 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115
Map Link:'...
Run Fee: 3.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
It was 7 years ago when Don't Ask Don't Yell and Four on the Floor, in a blur of Jell-O shots and booze, were proudly pronounced hare & harriet by fat Elvis myself. Cum celebrate our wedded bliss with a short trail; there will be booze, boobies and a few surprises.

Wear your classiest Vegas wedding attire, Elvis shades or running clothes. Shiggy socks highly recommended. There is a good chance we'll get you wet, so change of shoes & socks aren't a terrible idea. Don't forget your headlight. Remember what happens stays in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless it includes legal documents, then that shit follows you until death do you part.

Hashes Later This Week

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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, February 24, 2017 6:30pm
Hare(s): stick shift
Address: 6005 Larchwood ave. san diego 92120
Run Fee: $9.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes

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Half-Assed Hash  About once a month.   Saturday, February 25, 2017 2:00pm
res - erection
Hare(s): dbi and mystery hares
Address: old town trolly station
Directions: you will be drunk ride the trolley ;-) but if you must drive take pacific coast highway to the old town trolley station we'll be in the back where pretty in pink run started.
Run Fee: 3.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Cum one Cum all ! Your former GM has finally gotten it up again ! Find out if I can keep it up , multiple drink checks and bar stops , bring cash and id on trail . I promise a fun filled drunk'n extravaganza and to try not to break myself again. On On !!!

Hashes Later This Month

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Green Flash
Green Flash Hash  The fourth Tuesday of every month.   Tuesday, February 28, 2017 6:15pm
Run #67
Hare(s): Knothole
Address: Green Flash Brewery
Directions: Corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Flanders Drive
Thomas Bros: 1208 H4
Run Fee: $8
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
thanks to Knothole for stepping up to hare and to Dogfish for cooking, yay! no chairs and keep your dog leashed in the brewery. you will need a flashlight.

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Saturday, March 4, 2017 11:00am
Cum Make Your Own Tutu!!!
Hare(s): Glitter
Address: 2009 Avenue of the Trees, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Directions: Glitter, Pop Rocks & Constantly's House
Map Link:
Run Fee: $10
Trail type: Other (explain in Notes)
Dog friendly: Other (specified in Notes)
Cum Make Your Own Tutu!!!
You can make it simple or get crazy creative!! There will be tulle, a sewing instructor, prepared elastics and waistbands (no ribbon waistband shit), scissors and necessary items. BYOB!! If you want to... Bring extras to design with (i.e.. ribbons, felt shapes, etc...) if you want to.

Cost: $10 per tutu (Please RSVP by February 23'rd with color preferences so Glitter can purchase supplies) Private Message her on FB if you have questions (glitz hasher)

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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 20, 2017 6:30pm
4th Anal Green Dress Run
Hare(s): Fingerbang An O'Rangutan & Shocka McProxy
Address: TBD
Run Fee: $3
Trail type: A to B
Dog friendly: No
Sláinte! Come out to the 4th Anal Larrikins Green Dress Run! This year it's the first Monday after of St. Patrick's Day so your livers will already be lubed up. We're most likely taking you back to downtown but stayed tuned for more details. Trail will be more of a long pub crawl. There will be one green drink check and a few bar checks. Bring cash and ID on trail which will be A-B and not dog friendly. Don't forget parking won't be easy, unless you plan to pay, so plan accordingly. We suggest you take the trolley or a Lyft. Now get out there and find yourself a green dress that doesn't make your ass look fat!

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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Saturday, March 25, 2017 12:00pm
23rd Anal BAR 2 BAR
Hare(s): Current and Former Humpin GM's
Address: Jello Shooter Park
500 Laguna Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Run Fee: $30 FRB, $35 DFL (after 3/10-Dayof)
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
THEME: Pub Golf!!
Wear your kilts or most obnoxious/sexiest golf outfits and stay tuned on the facebook event for an explanation of Pub Golf.

TIME: Check-in/Kegs tapped 11:30 AM
Hares Away HIGH NOON

PRICE: FRB $30, DFL $35 (3/10-Day of)
See rego doc for payment options. Cash can be paid any time to Hash Cash at weekly runstarts.

Motel 6 Downtown Carlsbad
1006 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 434-7135

$112 (plus tax), for up to 4 people (cost is less if less people share, think $108 for 3 people)
5 rooms with 2 Double beds are currently reserved, you can cancel up to 6 PM day-of.

You are welcome to reserve your own room, as well, say if you’re planning on nailing that HOLE IN ONE with a special lady/man friend. ;)

Link to rego doc:

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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Sunday, April 16, 2017 10:00am
Jesus Can't Go Hashing Run
Hare(s): Fat Basqueturd and Others
Address: TBA... but somewhere near Old Town.
Run Fee: $9
Trail type: A to A prime
Dog friendly: Yes


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Palm Springs Hash

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May 19-21, 2017
Bay to Blackout

Sep 23, 2017
San Diego Red Dress Run

Oct 6-9, 2017
2017 Interam Phoenix

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