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Blackshirt Hooligans Hash Thursday 30-May-2024 6:00pm Link
Brutal in Black XII
Hares: Ghetto Man, Queered for Manding
Location: Ken Club 4079 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116
Google Maps:
Run fee: $10
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Notes: We really fucked up by doing the whole Spinal Tap thing last year, now we dont have a drummer. But dont let stop ypu from donning all the spikes and leather and enjoying a great trail and food by Pop Rocks. There might even be another car fire, you just never know what you're going to get. We'll do a BiB 12.5 at some point in the near future with the full band so keep an eye out for that.

Iron Rule Hash Friday 31-May-2024 6:00pm Link
Hares: Nothing Naughty, Tractor, Heatseeker
Location: 11285 Carroza Ct.
San Diego, CA 92124
Directions: You will likely need to park outside the cul de sac.
Google Maps:
Run fee: $8
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: Hares you probably haven't seen in awhile. Come on out! Trail will be mostly off road, 4-5 miles. Also a short option for walkers.

Mission Harriettes Hash Friday 31-May-2024 6:30pm Link
Pretty In Pink!
Hares: Serial Box, Dingleberry and Mission Harriettes
Location: 2820 Lytton Street, San Diego 92110
Google Maps:
Run fee: $10
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail only
(We're all pink inside!)

Come join the Pretty in Pink Mission Harriettes for a romp around and about Liberty Station. There may be flamingos or not - no promises...but we can guarantee a bevy of harriettes to assist you navigate trail triumphantly! There will be package checks, boob checks, an amazing merch booth, and last but not least - not one, not five, not two, not four, but THREE beer/drink checks with two specialty drinks...DingleBox SerialBerry Ass Juice and a Pink Lady COCKtail...bring $$ and ID for one of the beer checks.

We'll start and end at The Hole in the Wall Bar - a hash favorite. Warning: The Hole always wins. Exception - Dingleberry - beats The Hole - every time?!

North County Hash Saturday 01-Jun-2024 10:00am Link
Grumpy in Grey
Hares: What's his name, Stretch Me, Heaven's Gate
Location: 14262 Bourgeois Way, SD CA 92129
Directions: Use the Map URL.
Google Maps:
Run fee: $8 - Pay with Cash App please.
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: Grumpy in Grey will be in Peñasquitos Canyon, June 1st @10am SHARP! Wear grey, and stay off my lawn!

$25 Uber/20 min drive from the RDR start!
North County is super grumpy about having to travel to the wilds south of the 76 to provide all you r@c!sts a pre-lube r*n/trail before the main event Saturday afternoon! RU?!

- Run Start will be in the Poway-RPQ area: 14262 Bourgeois Way, ~20min drive (or $25 Uber Ride) from the RDR run start in Balboa Park.
- Hares Away 10am, followed by Chalk Talk, Hare Lies & Pack Away at 1015. (We start on time)
- What's His Name will be our Grumpy, Old and Grey hare. Also Stretch Me, the younger and less grumpy hare.
- The run theme is same as last week... & every week... Running and Beer, but with more grey and grump.
- Wear running shoes, shiggy socks, sun hat, carry water, avoid rattle snakes, dont bonk, fall or shit yourself.
- $8 Run fee includes challenging running trails, hills & beerchecks followed by awesome food/soda/beer/seltzer at the on in. Forecast calls for partial grumpiness clearing to margaritas.
- There will be all new trails that have never been trailed, shiggy that has never been shagged. Hard to imagine on Black Mountain. Come find out if these are just hare lies.
Eagle may be ~5+ miles. Turkey about 3 miles.
- Circle usually starts at 1230, raves on for a bit, gets more grumpy, and then thankfully ends

San Diego Hash Saturday 01-Jun-2024 2:00pm Link
35th Anal Red Dress R*n
Hares: It's a surprise, but don't be surprised if a former GM or 69 is in the mix!
Location: TBD
Google Maps:
Run fee: 99
Trail type: A to B
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: The 35th Anal Original Red Dress R*n - the main event of SD Red Dress Weekend '24. Only 200 spots available, secure yours now!

Come run the original Red Dress - the one that started them all! Included with your rego:
- Trail through the best of San Diego led by our finest Super Hares
- Unlimited alcoholic libations on trail & at the on-in
- Great giveaways
- Fantastic On-In at a central location
- Music & dancing
- Fabulous food trucks (1 meal ticket per person included in rego) & yummy dessert bar!
- Donation to a local San Diego charity

$99 through 11:59 pm Tuesday, April 30 (pay via Cash App by deadline for this price)
$109 until sold out

Rego here:

Then pay via CashApp to: $SDRedDress

Please include your hash name in the note. You are not considered registered until you have paid.

RDR 2024 is intended for hashers only. Since there are limited spots, muggles can only attend if sponsored by a named hasher, who accepts responsibility for the muggle's understanding of hash rules and informed consent. Only one muggle per named hasher.

San Diego Hash Sunday 02-Jun-2024 6:15am Link
Rock and Roll Marathon Beercheck
Hares: baby huey
Location: 4966 West Mountain View Drive 92116
Directions: Sunday, June 2, 2024 6:15am
Rock and Roll Marathon beercheck
Hare(s): baby huey
Address: Baby Hueys House
4966 W Mountain View Dr, San Diego, CA 92116
Directions: many roads are closed, NO parking or drop-off at my house on day of

Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
my house is at mile 4 of the half and full courses. Per Tradition, we will be handing out beer, water and snacks. And blasting music to motivate the runners and irritate the neighbors.
the rnr starts at 615AM so first runners will be by my house at 630
Many streets including mine will be closed. there is no parking. plan to bike or walk in. check the course map and plan accordingly:
beer for the runners will be yellow fizzy. For yourself it is BYOE.
post in the facebook event comments if you would like to contribute beer, snacks or time. And to arrange drop off the day(s) before.
if you would like to make a beer $$$$ donation please cashapp baby huey $markdmccoy. see yall at the ass crack of dawn
Google Maps:
Run fee: free
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: No
Notes: There is a Facebook event for this in the "All San Diego Area Hashes" group. Please RSVP there and use it to coordinate drop-offs and whatnot. I will have coffee. who is bringing donuts?

Adams Ave will be closed. but can be crossed at 32nd. plan to walk or bike

Humpin Hash Sunday 02-Jun-2024 12:00pm Link
Humpin Hangover Blues
Hares: Rock Hard and Misman Friends
Location: Bird Park at Morley Field, 28th St & Upas St, San Diego, CA 92104
Directions: Located at the corner of Upas and 28th Street - SDH3 starts trails here a good bit and it's a short walk from Bluefoot Bar & Lounge
Google Maps:
Run fee: 10
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Notes: At this time!!! Join Humpin for a very short romp around South Park in BLUE DRESSES for the Humpin Hangover Blues! Burn off all your RDR calories and stop stuffing your face with cheesy poofs. Trail will be 2.0 miles with not four...not six...but three drink checks - two with seltzers and beer plus a special pudding shot from Humpin's RA/pudding shot queen SFL. Show up in your Red Dress from last night to make things worse or avoid doing the walk of bad decisions and show up in your freshly clean Blue Dress. We're not your supervisor! Want to get your drink on sooner than noon feel free to pop into The Bluefoot Bar & Lounge for a bevvy (they open at 10am on Sundays) it is also where On-After will be.

La Jolla Hash Monday 03-Jun-2024 6:00pm Link
Hares: Sticky Fingers
Location: 12835 Francine Terrace, Poway, CA 92064
Directions: Poway Rd. to north on Iola Way 1 block, right 1 block, left on Francine Terrace.
Google Maps:
Run fee: $8 or membership
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: Warm clothes.
Dogs? Trail: yes. On-In: Splinter and lap dogs only.

Larrikins Hash Monday 03-Jun-2024 6:30pm Link
Orgasmic in Orange
Hares: Fingerbang An Orangutan and Whoredoor
Location: Channel 2 Sports Bar
3232 Greyling Dr
San Diego, CA 92123
Google Maps:
Run fee: $5
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail only
Notes: Wrap up your Red Dress week in style wearing the happiest color of all, orange! Trail will be shiggy-filled. Beer checks will feature an orange cocktail and cold beers. Serra Mesa is about as central as you can get in San Diego so no excuses not to make the short drive. Channel 2 is a real old-fashioned neighborhood dive bar and there are plenty of food options close by. So throw on your orangiest orange ensemble and come on out with the Larrikins!

Mission Harriettes Hash Saturday 15-Jun-2024 2:00pm Link
MHH3 5th Anal Pride Hash
Hares: Marco PoleHo & Flying Starfish
Location: The Hole in the Wall
2820 Lytton St.
San Diego, CA 92110
Google Maps:
Run fee: $15
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Notes: Mission Harriettes do Pride AGAIN! Come celebrate SELF LOVE (masturbation counts) and SELF WORTH with us as Marco PoleHO and Flying Starfish lead you on an adventure of Pride and SHEnanigans. See if YOU can beat The Hole this time (***whispers ominously*** the hole ALWAYS wins...) There will be plenty of rainbows and SHEnanigans on trail. So dress up in rainbow and Cum play with us!!