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Virtual H3 Hash Monday 06-Apr-2020 10:00am Link
April Fools (Virtual) Hash.. (recycled)
Hares: Fkn Ready
Location: Pacific Plaza II, 1802-1896 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109 (in Parking Lot near Great Plaza Buffet which is closed). Trail starts in alley in back of Comerica Bank.
Directions: Take 5 to Garnet (from North), or 5 to Grand Ave from South - then proceed West until you reach Lamont Ave. Shopping mall is at Lamont and Garnet.
Google Maps:
Run fee: 0.00
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
Notes: Last chance to run the trail before the rain washes it out...
If you are suffering from Hashing "Withdrawl" symptoms... and have been running on your own routes which seem to be getting boring... this trail has been designed to give you a change in scenery, keeping in mind social distancing... ie. The trail tries to stay away from where people aggregate (the parking lot where it starts is a closed restaurant). Trail was laid originally on April Fools day and will be refreshed Saturday AM.. Checks are circles with a "V" in the center.. Please don't mark them so others can have the fun of solving them.. There is a short "Chicken" trail... and a 4 mile Turkey, and 5+ mile Eagle trail, offering views of the bay, as well as some shiggy/trail running (as best one can do with all the parks closed down). At the End of the trail are some small mall eateries (including PhoTime - Vietnamese) offering take out and spirits. Note there is no On-In, and there is no given time to start the run... Do it if you need a change of scenery.. The hare will refresh the trail, for those who want to run it on Saturday (who happen to be working on April 1) and would like a change in scenery... Keep your distance from others who you happen to see on the trail when you decide to run on it... Note the shopping mall has a Von's on its other side should you need to go grocery shopping, or want to pick up some bread/bagels from Best Bread or Bruegger's bagels - both which are open

[I attempted to post this run on Facebook for April 1, but the admin didn't approve it - probably because I am not a regular facebook user and didn't recognize me or they thought it was an April Fools Joke; Anyone who can post this run to Facebook - I am sure hashers would appreciate it running the trail..)

San Diego Hash Friday 22-May-2020 6:30pm Link
CANCELLED. 3rd Anal Hashy Prom Night, The Musical
Hares: Starfish, And Whorechata, Stealthy Boobs and others
Location: Casa de Upright and Stealthboobs
3675 36th St
Directions: 3134 41st
Run fee: 10
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Other (see Notes)
Notes: Dust off the old prom dress that you got from Goodwill, Find a musical instrument (not your ass) and Join the Whore and Starfish as we relive the glorious Fast times at Highschool. We will Gallavant through an unassuming neighborhood, serenade the locals with our musical cacophany of disastery and end with our hash prom night festivities! First timer? Yes please! Experienced? We need you! We will be nominating a Prom Queif and a Prom Kink,but along with other nominations that muggles would hav no idea that of.
What to bring: a musical instrument (kazoo,tambourine),head, head lamp, condoms, lube, a vessel, a chair, humor, energy and two guys.